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Shopping List

Soft- and Hardware:
 1x   Neo Geo MVS 4-slot mainboard           OK
      incl. various additional MVS games     OK
 1x   Universe BIOS for Neo Geo              OK
 1x   Hantarex TFT multisync panel           OK
 1x   Traco TXL switching power supply       OK
 1x   JBL 5,25 inch two-way speaker set      OK

Wooden Cabinet:
 1x   arcade cocktail table kit (customized) OK
 1x   tabletop glass (custom)                OK
 8x   glass clips                            OK
 2x   tabletop latches                       OK
 2x   6"x9" vent/speaker covers              OK
 3x   40mm and 80mm diameter vent covers     OK
 1x   coin door                              OK
 4x   bolts, lock nuts for coin door         OK
 2x   flight-case hinges                     OK
 2x   angle irons                            OK
 1x   alumiunium profile (1mx30mmx30mm)      OK
 4x   adjustable metal feet                  OK

Control Panel:
 2x   arcade joysticks (8-way, "redball")    OK
 1x   button (white "player 1 start")        OK
 1x   button (white "player 2 start")        OK
 2x   button (red "A punch")                 OK
 2x   button (yellow "B punch")              OK
 2x   button (green "C kick")                OK
 2x   button (blue "D kick")                 OK

Electronic Components:
 1x   video cable (VGA to (5x)BNC)           OK
 1x   mains cable                            OK
 1x   power input module (switch, fuse)      OK
 1x   JAMMA harness plug (56-pin)            OK
 1x   Molex plug (3-pin, GND,5V,12V)         OK
 1x   Molex socket (3-pin, GND,5V,12V)       OK
 1x   cinch plug red                         OK
 1x   cinch plug white                       OK
 1x   cinch socket red                       OK
 1x   cinch socket white                     OK
 4x   BNC sockets                            OK
 3x   potentiometers,500 ohms linear         OK
 1x   set of terminal tags for soldering     OK
 2x   cable clip sets                        OK
 1x   20m, 1,5mm wiring (red, yellow, brown) OK
 1x   20m, 0,5 mm wiring (six colors)        OK
 2x   set of pin and socket connectors       OK
 2x   Neo Geo controller extension cables    OK

Useful Tools
 1x   Neo-Geo to Playstation joypad adapter  OK
 1x   Forstner drill 28 mm (for wood)        OK
 1x   hole saw  80 mm                        OK
 1x   hole saw 120 mm                        OK
 1x   arcade button wrench                   OK
 1x   small tooling machine (Dremel)         OK
 1x   circuit tester                         OK


Useful Links

We did quite a bit of internet research and it may be useful to share some interesting links with you. This list is neither complete nor an advertisement for the companies listed here. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need additional suppliers, of course. Anyway, it may be a good starting point for those of you who live in Europe:

- Lots of arcade parts and small electronic components can be purchased at the Arcadeshop (Germany).
- Arcadiabay is also located in Germany and has a wide selection of game boards.
- Sometimes it is worth searching Ebay for arcade hard- and software.
- Various CRT, LCD/TFT panels and displays for arcade machines offers Hantarex (Germany).
- Excellent car speakers can be found at JBL (Car-Audio Germany).
- Wolfsoft in Germany caters more to console gamers but they have a good selection of hard-to-find cables.
- A brand-new coin door can be ordered at Best of Pinball (Germany).
- Gremlin Solutions (UK) used to deliver arcade cocktail table kits from Arcade Depot (US) throughout Europe. Not sure whether they still sell the original ones since they switched brands...

Check out similar projects at the Build Your Own Arcade Controls website. We are listed there, too, but you probably know that already,...



Our JAMMA Cabinet Projects:

Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Treasure Chest"
Not for sale!
Similar model available!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Red Dragon"
For sale!
Accepting offers!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Kyoto"
Not for sale!
Midway-style Arcade Cocktail Table with Neo Geo MV-4F Hardware Arcade Table "Neo Geo Cocktail"
Not for sale!

Our Arcade Custom PCBs:

JAMMA Interface PCB (MAK, Supergun) for your own projects JAMMA Supergun/MAK PCB
79,- € (incl. VAT)
RGB nach NTSC Video Encoder PCB for do-it-yourself projects RGB to NTSC
Video Encoder PCB
Currently not available!
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with soldering pads Control panel adapter
21,- € (incl. VAT)
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with terminals Control panel adapter with terminals
25,- € (incl. VAT)